Saturday, September 30, 2006

Taiwan In The New Year - PART VI

Taiwan In The New Year

PART VI – Day 2 continued…

We didn’t have any trouble getting our tickets to Keelung, so it seemed we would be leaving on the morning of Chinese New Years Day as we had planned. That gave us five days to explore the rest of Taipei.

We walked back to the centre of Panchiao as it wasn’t actually that far and went for lunch in a Tea House we had seen earlier.

I found a table while Julie disappeared towards the ladies. Each table was supplied with a pencil and a menu card to fill in. Being unable to read Chinese and unable to say, “I don’t want to order yet” in Chinese, I was at first not sure what to do when a waitress came over to get my order. Rather than sit there grinning stupidly I quickly said some Chinese I did know. “Wo yao liang ge kafei. Xie xie ni.” I want two coffee’s thank you.

The waitress smiled, picked up the menu card, filled it in for me, and then went off to fill the order. I decided to let Julie order the food.

After finishing our coffees and a basket of chips we set off to find a place called the Lin Family Park. This place was apparently a very old traditional home to the rich Lin family, and a good example of traditional Chinese buildings. When the home was originally built it was probably surrounded by open farmland, but now that Taipei has engulfed the countryside it is surrounded by a ten foot high concrete wall topped with shards of broken glass. The whole complex is rather large for a family home. It looks like it has come straight out of some historical Chinese movie. It has very Chinese architecture with tile roofs that curve upwards at the corners. It is layed out in a very traditional style where all the ground floor rooms open into courtyards that are filled with green gardens and lily covered carp ponds.


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