Monday, February 04, 2008

Lesson 017 - Going to the Zoo

dai4 shu3 - Kangaroo

hou2 zi - Monkey

ao4 da4 li4 ya4 you3 er2 miao2 ma - Does Australia have emu's?

wo3 xi3 huan wu2 wei3 xiong2 he2 xiong2 mao1 - I like koala's and panda's.

zhi4 shi4 xiao4 niao3 - This is a kookaburra.

mei2 you3 - It doesn't have.

ni3 xi3 huan shen2 me dong4 wu4 - What animals do you like?

ao4 da4 li4 ya4 you3 shen2 me dong4 wu4 - What animals does Australia have?

wo3 men qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 - We are going to the zoo.

you3 - It has.

da4 xiang4 - Elephant

wu2 wei3 xiong2 - Koala

er2 miao2 - Emu

xiao4 niao3 - Kookaburra

zhi4 shi4 er2 miao2 - This is an emu.

zhi4 shi4 dai4 shu3 - This is a kangaroo.

xiong2 mao1 - Panda

zhi4 shi4 shen2 me dong4 wu4 - What animal is this?

lao3 hu3 - Tiger

zhi4 shi4 wu2 wei3 xiong2 - This is a koala.

ao4 da4 li4 ya4 you3 wu2 wei3 xiong2 he2 xiao4 niao3 - Australia has koala's and kookaburra's

dong4 wu4 yuan2 - Zoo

ao4 da4 li4 ya4 you3 dai4 shu3 - Australia has kangaroos.

wo3 xi3 huan niao3 tu4 zi1 he2 yu2 - I like bird's, rabbit's and fish.


Blogger Attila_The_Pun said...

Hello! I have a learning Mandarin toplist at . Please check it out if you get a chance. Do you make a lot of these lessons? Perhaps I could add your site to the toplist?

1:27 AM  
Blogger John said...

I have planned out about another 40 or so lessons, but I am a bit short of time at the moment and so haven't put them up yet. I will get it done eventually though.

I'll keep an eye on your site to see what links you find.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Learn chinese faster said...

Learning chinese is difficult.
thank for this lesson.

bye bye

5:58 AM  

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