Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LESSON 019 Weather

I never got around to finishing all the flash card lessons. I might update them every now and again. Here is the list from lesson 19.

The flashcards are HERE.

xing1 qi1 si4 tian1 qi4 hui4 hen3 leng3 - On thursday the weather will be very cold.

xing1 qi1 er4 xia4 yu3 le - Tuesday was rainy.

xing1 qi1 san1 tian1 qi4 bu4 hao3 le - On wednesday the weather was very bad.

xing1 qi1 yi2 tian1 qi4 hui4 hen3 re4 - On monday the weather will be very hot.

ling2 du4 - 0 degree's

xing1 qi1 er4 hui4 xia4 yu3 - Tuesday will be rainy.

tian1 qi4 hen3 gua1 feng1 - The weather is very windy.

ling2 xia4 si4 du4 - -4 degree's

re4 - Hot

ming2 tian1 tian1 qi4 zen3 me yang4 - What is the weather tomorrow?

gua1 feng1 - Windy

leng3 - Cold

san1 shi2 du4 - 30 degree's

xing1 qi1 wu3 xia4 xue3 le - Friday was snowy.

zuo2 tian1 tian1 qi4 zen3 me yang4 - What was the weather yesterday?

xing1 qi1 wu3 hui4 xia4 xue3 - Friday will be snowy.

duo1 shao du4 - What is the temperature?

ling2 xia4 shi2 du4 - -10 degree's

xia4 xue3 - Snowy

tian1 qi4 hen3 re4 - The weather is very hot.

tian1 qi4 - Weather

er4 shi2 qi1 du4 - 27 degree's

xia4 yu3 - Rainy

shi2 wu3 du4 - 15 degree's

tian1 qi4 hen3 leng3 - The weather is very cold.


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