Thursday, April 13, 2006

Finished ChinesePod CD1

Ok I've finished the first CD I made from the ChinesePod podcasts.

This is working out well actually. There are a few words they have had in the podcasts that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of learning. But I think they will probably help a lot with my conversational skills. As opposed to my vocabulary.

I still intend to make another jMemorize flashcard file of my own list of words and have already started working on it, but I am now also going to put some of the new words from the podcasts into a file to help me memorize them as well.

I wont put this file online but here are the words/phrases I've included so far from the first six podcasts on CD1.

xue2 xiao4 = School
ma3 ma3 hu3 hu3 = So-so
zhen1 de ma = Really?
wei4 shen2 me = Why?
yin1 wei2 = because
kai1 xin1 = Feel happy
nan2 guo4 = Upset
wo3 bu4 neng2 shuo1 = I'm unable to say.
pu3 tong1 = normal, standard


Blogger Chris said...

Hi John,

I find Chinesepod kind of keeps growing on you, the more you use it the more useful it becomes. Interested to find your blog as I have a simliar mission. My blog is at

You seem to have the energy to post more often and I like some of images , mine looks a little bland.

Keep up the good work perhaps we could get in touch at some point.

8:41 PM  
Blogger John said...

Hi Chris,

Actually I have been keeping an eye on your blog ever since you got a mention on the ChinesePod weblog. It is interesting to watch how another newbie is going.

Your blog seems to be a bit more focused than mine. I have a tendency to drift off the Learning Chinese track a lot of the time, but I find Chinese culture as a whole very interesting and putting a bit of variety into this blog helps to keep me motivated.

Good luck with your study. It would be good to compare notes with you sometimes.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Chinesepod is connecting the dots it seems :).

I spotted your blog when it got a mention there too. There is nothing wrong with the cultural aspect it is all part of the learning process (or the reason for it). I just haven't found a way to express that yet.

I am sure we will talk again at some point, maybe even entirely in Mandarin but I a long way off from that at the momenet.

5:52 PM  

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