Friday, April 07, 2006

Lesson 14 - Chinese places around town

I’ve put the next and last Chinese lesson into the first basic jMemorize flash card file. I think that is enough for the most basic file, so from the next lesson I’ll start a new Basic Level Two flash card file. I will continue to check this file however and do any cards that come up. I have most of the stuff in the file memorised now so hopefully not many will pop up too often. I’m still not sure what happens when a card in pile nine is memorised however. Is there a pile ten?

This lesson is called “Chinese places around town”, and is mostly concerned with how to get to Chinese gardens, restaurants and China Town. There is also a bit on ordering Chinese food and using Chopsticks.

At this stage I think the best plan for the Basic Level Two file is to follow much the same subject matter as in the first file but to expand on it a bit. Anyway I’m still working on that.

The latest version of the flash card file is available HERE.


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