Thursday, May 25, 2006

My software

I have finished working out what I’m going to make as a first version of the flash card software. It will actually be a very simple program to do a single job. Later I would like to add more features, but firstly I’ll just give it the features to allow me to do what I am using jMemorize to do at the moment.

There will be one major difference with the new software however. In jMemorize a question is displayed on the screen, you try to remember the answer, press a button, display the answer then you choose to click either the “I got it correct” button or the “I got it wrong” button. I have decided that instead I will make the program display the question and then the user must choose the correct answer from all possible answers to all the questions that have been added up to that time.

Also the program will add each new set of questions, or each new lesson as the user becomes proficient with the preceding lessons. Without the user having to make that decision themselves.

I have already planned how to code all this around a simple database file.


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