Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Here is the transcript of the third lesson from the jMemorise flash card file available HERE

This one is mainly dealing with numbers and counting. I found myself that numbers were the first real hurdle that slowed me down while learning Chinese. However flash cards are by far the best way to learn numbers, and when you do have the numbers sorted out in your mind it can give you a real sense of achievement. It is a good feeling when you can grab something in a shop, then at the counter ask in Chinese how much it costs and understand the reply.


I live in Sydney. = wo3 zhu4 zai4 xi1 ni2
Six = liu4
Seven = qi1
Eight = ba1
Nine = jiu3
Ten = shi2
one of = yi2 ge
two of = liang3 ge
three of = san1 ge
four of = si4 ge
five of = wu3 ge
six of = liu4 ge
seven of = qi1 ge
eight of = ba1 ge
nine of = jiu3 ge
ten of = shi2 ge
eleven = shi2 yi1
twelve = shi2 er4
thirteen = shi2 san1
fourteen = shi2 si4
fifteen = shi2 wu3
twenty = er4 shi2
twenty one = er4 shi2 yi1
twenty two = er4 shi2 er4
Happy birthday! = sheng1 ri4 kuai4 le4
What's your age? = ni3 ji3 sui4
I'm twenty years old. = wo3 er4 shi2 sui4
I'm ten years old. = wo3 shi2 sui4
I'm eighteen years old. = wo3 shi2 ba1 sui4
I'm thirty five years old. = wo3 san1 shi2 wu3 sui4


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