Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flashcard Lesson 015 - Colors and shapes

tu2 shang4 lu4 se4 - Paint on the color green.

san1 jiao3 xing2 - Triangle

zhi4 shi4 chang2 fang1 xing2 - This is a rectangle.

yuan2 xing2 - Circle

zhi4 shi4 shen2 me xing2 zhuang4 - What shape is this?

zheng4 fang1 xing2 - Square

zhi4 shi4 yuan2 xing2 - This is a circle.

zhi4 shi4 hong2 se4 - This is colored red.

huang2 se4 - Yellow color

lan2 se4 - Blue color

tu2 shang4 shen2 me yan2 se4 - Paint on what color?

tu2 shang4 hong2 se4 - Paint on the color red.

zhi4 shi4 lu4 se4 - This is colored green.

zhi4 shi4 zheng4 fang1 xing2 - This is a square.

zhi4 shi4 shen2 me yan2 se4 - What color is this?

tu2 shang4 huang2 se4 - Paint on the color yellow.

zhi4 shi4 lan2 se4 - This is colored blue.

zhi4 shi4 huang2 se4 - This is colored yellow.

tu2 shang4 lan2 se4 - Paint on the color blue.

lu4 se4 - Green color

chang2 fang1 xing2 - Rectangle

hong2 se4 - Red color

You can find all the flashcards by clicking on the link at the top of this page.


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