Monday, May 05, 2008

Lesson 018 - What time is it?

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si4 yue4 er4 shi2 yi1 hao4 - April 21st

zuo2 tian1 - Yesterday

liang3 dian3 - Two o'clock

shi2 dian3 er4 shi2 si4 fen1 - Twenty four minutes past ten.

shi2 yi1 dian3 wu3 shi2 san1 fen - Fifty three minutes past eleven.

liang3 dian3 le - It's two o'clock.

liu4 dian3 - Six o'clock

ling2 - Zero

jiu3 dian3 - Nine o'clock

ming2 tian1 ni3 zuo4 shen2 me - What will you do tomorrow?

er4 yue4 qi1 hao4 - Febuary 7th

si4 dian3 - Four o'clock

ming2 tian1 - Tomorrow

qi1 dian3 le - It's seven o'clock.

jiu3 yue4 - September

liu4 yue4 - June

shi2 yue4 - October

xing1 qi1 liu4 ni3 zuo4 shen2 me - What will you do on saturday?

shi2 er4 dian3 le - It's twelve o'clock.

yi1 yue4 wu3 hao4 - January 5th

wu3 dian3 - Five o'clock

yi1 dian3 - One o'clock

shi2 dian3 - Ten o'clock

san1 yue4 - March

er4 yue4 - February

si4 yue4 - April

shi2 er4 dian3 - Twelve o'clock

jin1 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi1 er4 - Today is tuesday.

qi1 yue4 er4 shi2 hao4 - July 20th

xing1 qi1 si4 - Thursday

shi2 er4 yue4 san1 shi2 yi1 hao4 - December 31st

jin1 tian1 shi4 ji3 yue4 ji3 hao4 - What is today's date?

qi1 dian3 san4 shi2 wu3 fen1 - Thirty five minutes past seven.

ming2 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi1 ri4 (xing1 qi2 tian1) - Tomorrow is sunday.

wu3 yue4 shi2 yi2 hao4 - May 11th

xing1 qi1 ri4 (xing1 qi2 tian1) - Sunday

xing1 qi1 san4 - Wednesday

ji3 dian3 le - What time is it?

liu4 yue4 shi2 ba1 hao4 - June 18th

yi1 yue4 - January

qi1 yue4 - July

xing1 qi1 er4 - Tuesday

san4 dian3 le - It's three o'clock.

shi2 yi1 yue4 - November

ba1 yue4 - August

ba1 dian3 - Eight o'clock

jiu3 yue4 er4 shi2 ba1 hao4 - September 28th

shi2 yue4 er4 shi2 er4 hao4 - October 22nd

san4 dian3 - Three o'clock

qi1 dian3 - Seven o'clock

jin1 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi1 ji3 - What day of the week is it today?

san1 yue4 ba1 hao4 - March 8th

xing1 qi1 yi1 - Monday

ba1 dian3 shi2 fen - Ten minutes past eight.

shi2 yi1 yue4 san1 shi2 hao4 - November 30th

shi2 er4 yue4 - December

shi2 yi1 dian3 - Eleven o'clock

yi2 dian3 ling2 yi1 fen1 - One minute past one.

jin1 tian1 - Today

xing1 qi1 wu3 - Friday

wu3 yue4 - May

xing1 qi1 liu4 - Saturday

ba1 yue4 san1 hao4 - August 3rd

yi1 dian3 ling2 ba1 fen1 - Eight minutes past one.


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