Saturday, July 31, 2010

40 most common tradition chinese radicals

I'm going to make a flash card file of the 40 most commonly used traditional radicals. Here they are.

人,亻 ren2 – man
刀,刂 dao1 – knife
力 li4 – power
又 you4 – again
口kou3 – mouth
囗 wei2 – enclosure
土 tu3 – earth
夕 xi4 – evening
大 da4 – big
女 nu3 – woman

子 zi3 – child
寸 cun4 – inch
小 xiao3 – small
工 gong1 – work
幺 yao1 – short thread
弓 gong1 – bow
心,忄 xin1 – heart
手,扌 shou3 – hand
日 ri4 – sun
月 yue4 – moon

木 mu4 – wood
水,氵 shui3 – water
火,灬 huo3 – fire
田 tian2 – field
目 mu4 – eye
示,礻 shi4 – spirit
竹,⺮ zhu2 - bamboo
米 mi3 - rice
糸 mi4 – silk
耳 er3 – ear

艸,艹 cao3 - grass
衣,衤 yi1 – clothes
言 yan2 – speech
走 zou3 – walk
足 zu2 – foot
辵,辶 chuo4 - movement
金 jin1 – gold
門 men2 – door
雨 yu3 – rain
食,飠 shi2 – eat


Blogger Jonathan Biddle said...

How did you decide that these were the most popular? Is there an exhaustive list somewhere?

8:13 AM  
Blogger John said...

I found a list of the top simplified characters and then asked a few native speakers from Taiwan if there was any difference between it and the top traditional characters.

Sorry I can't remember where I found the origonal list now.

9:26 PM  

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