Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Most embarrassing moments while learning chinese, Part 2

Here are some more of peoples most embarrassing moments while learning chinese, taken from Chinese-forums.

A coworker (Chinese) was telling me about how she had bad skin because she ate too much lajiao. I was pretty new to Chinese and tried to respond in Chinese that actually, I thought her skin was just fine.

"Ni you hen hao pi!" I used the second tone on pi. That can translate into "You have a really nice fart!"

The look I got was unforgettable. Others still tease me about it.

By channamasala

i came home this summer to relax and rest a bit. my mom and i were going to start speaking in chinese so i wouldn't forget too much. she asked me a question and i said sui2 bian4 (doesn't matter).

she started laughing... apparently my tone wasn't quite right (she heard sui3) and i had said something like "poop pieces"

By quinoa

Actually I think what they said was “shui3 bian4” or water poop, IE. Diarrhoea


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