Thursday, May 11, 2006

Time to back track a bit

I have found that it is becoming a bit more difficult to memorize the new words in my flashcard files. I think there is a couple of reasons for this. Firstly I have two flashcard files going now, which means I am trying to memorize twice as many new words in the same amount of time as before. Secondly I changed the way jMemorize was set up when I started my second flashcard file.

I don't like the idea of slowing down the number of words I am learning, so I am going to go back to the way I was using the flashcards before, and just push on until I'm back on track.

What I changed with the flashcards was the number of cards. In my first file I had a pinyin card with an English back, and an English card with a pinyin back for each word or phrase. When I started the second file I dropped the second card and just set jMemorize to randomly show the flipside. Unfortunately I think the old system of learning each phrase both ways every time was much better. It is amazing how much harder a small difference like this can make the job.

I will now go back and add all the second cards to the file before I start on the next Lesson. I have already finished adding the extra cards to my ChinesePod flashcard file so I will continue with the next ChinesePod CD that I made as per usual.


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