Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finished 3rd ChinesePod CD

I have finished the 3rd CD that I made from the ChinesePod lessons. This takes me up to lesson 18. Here is a list of the words and phrases from the podcasts that I have added to my ChinesePod flashcard file.

guo3 zhi1 = Juice
jiu3 = alcohol
guo2 qing4 jie2 = National Day
xing1 qi2 = Week
xing1 qi2 tian1 = Sunday
ming2 pian4 = Name/business card
gao1 xing4 = Happy
ren4 shi1 = Know
shou3 ji1 = Mobile phone
hei1 se4 de1 = It's coloured black.
lan2 se4 de1 = It's coloured blue.
jie4 = Borrow
Wo3 neng2 jie4 ma = Could I (am I able to) borrow it?
wo3 ke3 yi3 = Can I?
mei2 wen4 ti2 = No problem.


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