Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hanzi Smatter article

Yesterday I was looking through one of our local Chinese language newspapers, the Oriental Post, and I came across an article about the Hanzi Smatter website. This web site is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters.

I have to say that the funniest thing about the article is the fact that in an article about using incorrect Chinese characters they managed to use the wrong English word at the very start of the article.

The article says,

Every thought of getting one of those cool Chinese characters tattoos or adorning your living room with the latest Zen tabletop? Before you jump in and join the Chinese and Japanese lifestyle vogue.
Check the annals of Hanzi Smatter( for an amusing reality check of what should and shouldn't be.

It says that the site was based on this website called Engrish. The article gives the following as two good examples of the posts on Hanzi Smatter.

Ease of Gas Retention



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