Saturday, April 22, 2006

Beijing Faces Podcast

I just happened to come across an interesting radio program today as I flicked through the stations while waiting in a McDonalds drive through. When I got home I had a look at the Radio National website and found a podcast of the program HERE.

It was made by an Australian journalist who has been living in Beijing for the last six months. It is interesting to listen to how the locals feel about their city. The Radio National web site says about the program,

Journalist Elise Potaka is learning Mandarin, and last year she lived in Beijing for six months. Beijing is impossible to really understand from any single perspective; it is a city in continual flux, a city of 24-hour building sites where in a matter of weeks, whole streetscapes can change as multi-story apartment buildings rise on the ruins of demolished neighbourhoods.

There is a second part to the podcast about some diaries found in a factory that burnt down in southern China, but I couldn't listen to all of this one. The music was too much for me.


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