Friday, April 28, 2006

Other Bloggers learning Chinese

It is interesting to watch the progress of others who are also learning Mandarin and so I have been keeping an eye on some other bloggers who are learning the language as well.

The first of these bloggers that I came across was Chris from the UK. I discovered his blog after he got this write up on the ChinesePod Weblog. Chris has been learning Chinese for about 3 months now.

The second blogger I have been watching is another Australian named Charles. His blog is called CHINESEWITHEASE (I’m not really sure that the words “Chinese” and “Ease” belong in the same sentence). I first discovered Charles’s blog after he left a comment here suggesting some software. I gather that Charles’s Chinese is far ahead of my own. He has actually spent some time living and studying in Taiwan.

The third blogger I only came across about a week ago when he was mentioned on Chris’s blog. Matt is also from the UK and has a blog called repulsive monkey. Matt is studying Chinese at University College London and is also ahead of me at an intermediate level. Matt is also an avid Tai Chi enthusiast.


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