Saturday, July 29, 2006

Taiwan In The New Year PART III

The continuing saga of my travels in Taiwan.

Taiwan In The New Year

PART III – Day 1 continued…

The most striking thing about the whole scene though was the Chinese signs everywhere. The whole place can take on a very alien feel when you are unable to read any of the street signs, sides of trucks or signs hanging from buildings. Even the voice coming out of the taxi radio was alien.

Finally we arrived in the suburb of Panchiao and the scene became even more crowded. Panchiao looks and feels like the classic over crowded Chinese city. Every building has a neon sign or two hanging from it, with Chinese writing running from top to bottom instead of left to right.

Apart from the cars, trucks and buses crowded into the narrower streets here there are thousands of motor scooters weaving in and out of the traffic. Like everyone else our taxi driver started frequently honking his horn and ignoring the honks from every other vehicle. We swerved around the side of a truck in front of us and almost wiped out a couple of scooters in the process. One of which has one child sitting on the seat behind the rider and another young child standing dangerously between the rider’s legs.

Finally we turn into the single lane street where our hotel was located. The taxi just fit between the hundreds of scooters lined up in two rows on either side of the road.


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