Monday, September 04, 2006

Other Chinese student blogs

I have added some of the Chinese student blogs I read to the Links Page. In no particular order,

The Virtual Mandarin Blog is from a mandarin student in Scotland.
repulsive monkey is from Matt, another British Chinese language student who is also interested in Tai Chi.
Rank is a communal blog about life in Taiwan.
Peeling Mandarin is from Brendan a Mandarin student from Cork, Ireland. Though there haven't been any new posts for a while.
Me Thinks I've just started to follow this blog about learning Mandarin and other things Chinese related.
Mandarin Student by Chris, another English student of the Chinese Language.
Pandagator is from a Chinese language student in the U.S.
David on Formosa is a blog guide to Taiwan from an Australian who is living there.

I also read the ChinesePod blog. As you would expect from a commercial website there is a lot of self promotion going on here, but they do still manage to keep the blog interesting with other regular Chinese related posts.


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