Monday, October 23, 2006

Taiwan In The New Year - PART VII

Taiwan In The New Year

PART VII – Day 2 continued…

After seeing the Lin Family Park we returned to the hotel and went through our guidebook planning what we should go and see over the next few days.

There were a few things that are a must see when visiting Taipei, like the Chiang Kaishek Memorial and the National Palace Museum. So we decided that tomorrow we would spend in Taipei city itself. We could see the city as well as the Chiang Kaishek, and Sun Yatsen memorials. On our fourth day we planned to see the China Motion Picture Cultural Village where many historic Chinese television shows and movies have been filmed and then go onto the National Palace Museum which holds a larger collection of Ancient Chinese artefacts than exists anywhere in mainland China. On day five we planned to go to the historic town of Tamsui. Then we would spend day six which would be Chinese New Year Eve preparing for our journey around the island.

At dinner time we went to a restaurant we had found across the road from the local McDonalds and had a meal of fried rice. Then we went to explore the Panchiao Night Markets. The markets stretch down a long narrow street and are pretty much what you would expect a market to be. Very crowded, very noisy and full of bargains. You can buy just about anything from CD’s, DVD’s and computer games to all sorts of exotic foods. The most popular items seem to be articles of clothing of all sorts and at a very reasonable price.

I broke my own rule about not trying any street food and bought a big mug of sugar cane juice, just to see what it was like. The hot drink turned out to be so unbelievably sweet that I started gagging and almost threw up in the middle of the crowd after only the first mouth full.


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