Friday, February 03, 2006

Start from the beginning

I've descided to just create my own list of words to memorize. I've created a new flash card file starting from the beginning Ni hao. So far I have 5 lessons,
1] Greetings
2] Where do you live?
3] Happy birthday
4] Who is that?
5] Family

I got through these rather easily so I will be adding more as soon as possible.

I have also added a link in the Study Center to I had a look through the forums today and found them very interesting and possibly a great resource.


Blogger Manic said...

Is the chinese languag hard to learn? Do you enjoy it? Because I think I will sudy that language in the future, so I want some info. Thank you.

10:44 PM  
Blogger John said...

In some ways it can be difficult because it is so different to english. But it is a very logical language and once you get used to it the way sentences are structured makes a lot of sence. Because the language is based on sylables ( each character representing a word or sylable )instead of individual letter sounds the same characters tend to be used over and over again, so everything you learn is built on what you already know.
Hand = Shou
Machine = Ji
Mobile phone = Hand machine = Shou ji
Fly = Fei
Aircraft = Flying machine = Fei ji

On the other hand if you are tone deaf then forget it. There are four tones plus neutral and saying a word with the wrong tone has a completely different meaning.

Learning chinese is also very interesting because it helps you to understand the chinese culture

8:22 PM  

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