Friday, May 12, 2006

Embarrassing moments learning chinese, Part 4

Here is the fourth instalment of peoples most embarrassing moments while learning chinese. Taken from the Chinese-forums.

I went to a dumpling party that was being held by the Chinese English Language table at the University of Illinois and afterward I got a call from a Chinese friend of mine.

She asked about my day and I told her "I just got back from a biao3zi party".

She says "What???"

I reply, "Biao3zi - dumpling, right?"

"No, thats jiao3zi"


I later looked up biao3zi and realized why she was so suprised.


biao3zi actually means prostitute.

Stupidly enough I made this mistake again this week when somebody was talking about their father making stuffed buns I asked "You mean like biao3zi?" this time meaning "bao3zi". I realized right away, and she informed me I "knew too much Chinese".

I think I should avoid talking about Chinese food.

By kangkai

And my sister once told her friend that she was going to travel in YIN DAO! By the way, she meant to say INDIA (YIN DU), while "YIN DAO" means vag*na!

And one more unforgettable joke: Wo mingtian JIAN ni! (I see you tomorrow!)

Jian should be Jian4, but at that time I said "JIAN1", so it meant RAPE!

I rape you tomorrow!

By pazu



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