Monday, January 22, 2007

Lesson 009 Birthday presents

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Lesson 009 Birthday presents

Wish - zhu4

Wish you a happy birthday. - zhu4 ni3 sheng1 ri4 kuai4 le4

Give you a present. - song4 gei3 ni3

What is it? - shi4 shen2 me

Correct, it's a book. - dui4, shi4 shu1

Correct, it's a drum. - dui4, shi4 gu3

Very good. - hen3 hao3

Correct, it's a trumpet. - dui4, shi4 xiao3 hao4

Real good! - zhen1 hao3

Correct, it's a boat. - dui4, shi4 chuan2

Toy - wan2 ju4

Correct, it's a toy bus. - dui4, shi4 wan2 ju4 gong1 gong4 qi4 che1

Correct, it's a toy aircraft. - dui4, shi4 wan2 ju4 fei1 ji1

Thank you. - xie4 xie ni3


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