Friday, January 05, 2007

Lesson 006 Pets

Since I got back to Australia I've been planning the next lot of flash card lessons including some Chinese character lessons. But I've also been rebuilding the hard earned progressions that I lost in the old lessons when my computer packed it in. Because of this I've started to checking the old lessons for mistakes again. So here is the next one I was up to posting.

Hopefully I'll get through these relatively quickly and get onto some new stuff.

Lesson 006 Pets

Do you have a cat? - ni3 you3 mao1 ma

Do you have a dog? - ni3 you3 gou3 ma

Do you have a bird? - ni3 you3 niau3 ma

Do you have a fish? - ni3 you3 yu2 ma

Do you have a rabbit? - ni3 you3 tu4 zi ma

I have! I have a dog. - you3, wo3 you3 guo3

I don't have any! I don't have a cat. - mei2 you3, wo3 mei2 you3 mao1

Do you like fish? - ni3 xi3 huan yu2 ma

Do you like rabbits? - ni3 xi3 huan tu4 zi ma

I do like! I like birds. - xi3 huan, wo3 xi3 huan niau3

I don't like. I don't like dogs. - bu4 xi3 huan, wo3 bu4 xi3 huan gou3


Blogger John said...

The tone of bu4 was wrong in the last sentence of this lesson. Now fixed.

2:52 PM  

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