Monday, March 26, 2007

More Flashcard Lessons

I've added a couple more lessons to the flashcards.

Lesson 27 is the next Chinese character lesson titled "Where do you live?". Lesson 28 is called "In the classroom" and covers things like how to say "pencil", "ruler", "exercise book", "Can I open the window?", etc...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A-mai Dancers

Here is a short video I filmed of the A-mai native Dancers in Hualien, Taiwan.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wu Bai and China Blue

When I was in Taiwan I picked up a really good set of Wu Bai CD's and VCD's from the Banchiao Night Markets.

Here are some Wu Bai songs that are not too bad. The last one is in Taiwanese, but it still sounds good.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reading signs # 2

This sign for the Yue-xi business Hotel is a bit confusing.

As far as I can tell they have written the name back to front. If it was written as 喜悅 xi3 yue4 then it would mean "Joy".

The rest of the sign is 商務 shang1 wu4 "commercial business" 飯店 fan4 dian4 "motel". Meaning this is a motel for business travellers, with a business centre including a computer, fax etc.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lesson 11 - Party Food

All the flashcard files are HERE.

Hamburger - han4 bao3
Cake - dan4 gao1
Thin sliced tuber vegetable (Chips) - shu3 pian4
Ice-cream - bing1 qi2 lin2
eat - chi1
Eat hamburger. - chi1 han4 bao3
Eat cake. - chi1 dan4 gao1
Eat thin sliced chips. - chi1 shu3 pian4
Eat ice-cream. - chi1 bing1 qi2 lin2
Cola - ke3 le4
Drink - he1
Drink cola. - he1 ke3 le4
What would you like to drink? - ni3 xi3 huan he1 shen2 me
I would like to drink cola. - Wo3 xi3 huan he1 ke3 le4
What would you like to eat? - ni3 xi3 huan chi1 shen2 me
I would like to eat hamburger. - wo3 xi3 huan chi1 han4 bao3
I would like to eat cake. - wo3 xi3 huan chi1 dan4 gao1
I would like to eat thin sliced chips. - wo3 xi3 huan chi1 shu3 pian4
I would like to eat ice-cream. - wo3 xi3 huan chi1 bing1 qi2 lin2
Soda water - qi4 shui3
Is the ice-cream good to eat? - bing1 qi2 lin2 hao3 chi1 ma
Is the hamburger good to eat? - han4 bao3 hao3 chi1 ma
Is the cake good to eat? - dan4 gao1 hao3 chi1 ma
It's good to eat. - hao3 chi1
Is the cola good to drink. - ke3 le4 hao3 he1 ma
The cola is good to drink. - ke3 le4 hao3 he1
It's not good to drink. - bu4 hao3 he1

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Lantern Festival

Today is the Lantern Festival which marks the end of the Chinese New Year period. Here are some video's I found on YouTube showing some of the celebrations around Taiwan.

The first one shows the main lantern in Chiai.

Next is a short movie showing the various lanterns in Taichung.

And finally is the activation of the main lantern in Taipei.

It is the tradition today to eat rice balls filled with different sweet fillings like red bean or peanut paste (yum!). So I'm off to a Chinese grocer to buy some.