Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reading Signs # 3

The last two characters 藥房 yao4 fang2 mean Pharmacy or Drugstore. Adding the character 西xi1 you get 西藥房 xi1 yao4 fang2 meaning Western Pharmacy as distinct from a Chinese Pharmacy or Chinese Herbalist. The top two characters 信一 xin4 yi1 means “Trust one” and is the name of the pharmacy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flashcard Lesson 012 - On the weekend

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Weekend - zhou1 mo4

On the weekend what would you like to do? - zhou1 mo4 ni3 xi3 huan zuo4 shen2 me

I would like to read a book. - wo3 xi3 huan kan4 shu1

Video - lu4 xiang4

I would like to watch a video. - wo3 xi3 huan kan4 lu4 xiang4

Would you like to watch a movie? - ni3 xi3 huan kan4 dian4 ying3 ma

Would you like to watch television? - ni3 xi3 huan kan4 dian4 shi4 ma

Electronic game - dian4 zi3 you2 xi4

Television - dian4 shi4

Movie - dian4 ying3

Bicycle - zi4 xing2 che1

Ride bicycle - qi2 che1

Horse - ma3

Ride horse - qi2 ma3

I like to ride bicycles - wo3 xi3 huan qi2 che1

I like to ride horses. - wo3 xi3 huan qi2 ma3

I like to swim. - wo3 xi3 huan you2 yong3

Do you like skateboards? - ni3 xi3 huan hua2 ban3 ma

Skateboard - hua2 ban3

Swim - you2 yong3

Do you like roller blades? - ni3 xi3 huan hua2 han4 bing1 ma

Rollerblades - hua2 han4 bing1

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dragon Festival

I'm back! Due to events beyond my control I had to prioritize a bit and learning Chinese had to move down the priority list for the last few months. But now I'm ready to get back into it again. Unfortunately the first thing I need to do now is go through all my past flashcards again because every single one of them has expired. Hopefully that wont take me too long though.

I haven't been completely cut off from Chinese over the last few months. I've still been listening to ChinesePod in the car on the way to work, and I've been keeping up with all the Chinese blogs that I subscribe to. I was listening to the ChinesePod Saturday Show as well until it ended a couple of weeks ago.

On another subject yesterday was the Dragon Festival which happens on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese Lunar Calender. The traditional food of the Dragon Festival is the Zongzi. There are a few types of Zongzi but my favorite is a mixture of glutinous rice, pork, mushroom, dried prawns, dried white radish, chestnut and various flavorings, all wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed. Very very nice.