Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flashcard Lesson 012 - On the weekend

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Weekend - zhou1 mo4

On the weekend what would you like to do? - zhou1 mo4 ni3 xi3 huan zuo4 shen2 me

I would like to read a book. - wo3 xi3 huan kan4 shu1

Video - lu4 xiang4

I would like to watch a video. - wo3 xi3 huan kan4 lu4 xiang4

Would you like to watch a movie? - ni3 xi3 huan kan4 dian4 ying3 ma

Would you like to watch television? - ni3 xi3 huan kan4 dian4 shi4 ma

Electronic game - dian4 zi3 you2 xi4

Television - dian4 shi4

Movie - dian4 ying3

Bicycle - zi4 xing2 che1

Ride bicycle - qi2 che1

Horse - ma3

Ride horse - qi2 ma3

I like to ride bicycles - wo3 xi3 huan qi2 che1

I like to ride horses. - wo3 xi3 huan qi2 ma3

I like to swim. - wo3 xi3 huan you2 yong3

Do you like skateboards? - ni3 xi3 huan hua2 ban3 ma

Skateboard - hua2 ban3

Swim - you2 yong3

Do you like roller blades? - ni3 xi3 huan hua2 han4 bing1 ma

Rollerblades - hua2 han4 bing1


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