Monday, November 20, 2006


It's now my second night in Taiwan, but I thought I would say something about Singapore first.
My main observation on Singapore is that there is a lot of people speaking Mandarin there, but no need for a visitor to speak it because everyone can and does speak English. As you walk down the streets the locals are very often speaking Chinese to their friends or whoever they are with, but in shops, restaurants, hotels etc.. everyone speaks English.
There is also very few Chinese signs on Orchard Road the main street of Singapore, in the more touristy parts of the city or in the other parts that I passed through.
Apart from the language situation, Singapore is very hot, humid and very busy. Wandering down Orchard Road the last night there I saw American Indians playing pipe music, Clowns on stilts scaring children and lots of other street performers. The main road is already decorated with some very extravagant christmas decorations so the whole place is very colorful.


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It looks like I'll have to do something about the Spam thats started to arrive here recently when I get back to Australia as well.

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